1. What is the timeline for a pitch deck?

It depends. If we are starting from scratch, then it can take 2-4 weeks. But if we are taking an existing project and fixing around 1-2 weeks.

2. What is the timeline for Print Ads & Branding?

Again it depends. If you have an idea in mind or have existing products in place, it is a lot quicker. But typically 2-4 Weeks

3. What is the timeline for Visuals?

Putting a set time on creating visuals can get a little tricky and pricey. To give you the best answers for that drop us a line and tell us what your project is.

Adobe Creative Suite & Microsoft PowerPoint & Keynote

4. What tools do you use for a pitch deck?

5. Do you hire out for anything you can't do in-house?

We work with skilled artists who are all over the world. Coming from the film world we have at our disposal some of the best and brightest minds in the entertainment business.

6. Why Should I pay for your services when I can do it myself?

Pitches, Ads, and creating visuals are an art. By hiring btd, we can take the load off of creating, and you can concentrate on the actual business!

7. If I want to hire you for a pitch deck can I also use your imagery?

Of course. Whenever we do a pitch deck or ad of any kind you will have access to all of our visual resources. Depending on if you want custom visuals shot that can change the price.

8. Where do you get the visuals?

We have multiple resources at our disposal that you can't get from the internet.

9. What do you mean by custom visuals?

That means any kind of visuals that we go out to create instead of using our library of resources. An example of this would be product shoots.

10. Do you offer refunds if I am not satisfied?

Unfortunately, these are custom services, and we cannot provide refunds.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.