Business Plans


Typically when you start your new business, you are going to need a plan. Creating a plan can be a daunting task while seeking investments and partners. We have created a format to structure a business plan.


Standard business plans start at (around) 20 pages and can go to a few hundred. It is not uncommon for individuals to take months on creating their perfect business plan. With our team, we can build you one as fast as a week.

Parts included in every business plan:

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Description

  • Industry Overview

  • Market Need/Opportunity

  • Your Solution

  • Competition

  • Target Market

  • Marketing Plan

  • Implementation Strategy (Product Development & Operations)

  • Financials

  • Technology

  • Business Model

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Management Team

  • Future Product Development and Timeline

  • Financials: Key Business Ratios & Scenario Testing

Below is a mockup business plan we created for a client.